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Advanced Air Mobility Services


Pioneering air mobility solutions for a sustainable world, preferred by customers and crafted by passionate employees.

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World-class service delivered by experts.

A proactive, customer focused attitude runs through our organization. We create innovative air mobility solutions combining modern aircraft with imaginative decarbonization strategies to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

With a combined industry experience of over 150 years, the OHI Leadership Team consistently delivers progressive solutions.

Challenge inspires us and creativity is in our DNA.

The OHI Leadership Team

Jeremy Akel – CEO, Omni
Helicopters International

I am driven by forming authentic relationships, pursuing extraordinary opportunities, and challenging unbeatable odds. At OHI, I strive to transform the vertical lift industry with a great team and groundbreaking ideas. I’m proudest of learning from others.

31 years in aviation. OHI since 2019. Contrarian.

Jeremy Akel
Roberto Coimbra – CEO, Omni Táxi Aéreo

I am passionate about air mobility and driven by the ambition to transform entrepreneurial ideas into success.  At OHI, I strive to keep elevating our standards of excellence in Brazil while supporting the group’s development efforts internationally. I also aim to deliver a sustainable legacy to the aviation community. I am proudest of achieving bold transformation and proven results.

32 years in aviation. OHI since 2000. Entrepreneur.

Roberto Coimbra
Ivan Coyard - CFO, Omni Helicopters International

I am driven by facing new challenges, delivering value to stakeholders, and pursuing profitable growth in sustainable environments.  At OHI, I strive to further enhance our practical ‘do-it’ mindset and core values with my diverse experience. I am proudest of the teams I have helped develop by mentoring new talent.

30 years in oilfield services. OHI since 2020. Straight-Talker.

Ivan Coyard
Décio Galvão - Director – Onshore, Omni Táxi Aéreo

I am driven by challenging our organization to find the best aviation solutions for our customers, exceeding their expectations and forming enduring business relationships. At OHI I strive to envision transformational technologies, bringing new aviation services to different segments of the economy. I am proudest of having developed solid business relationships with many customers during my aviation career and for being part of experienced and winning teams like ours.

25 years in aviation. OHI Since 2021. Resilient.

Décio Galvão
Janaina Loureiro - CFO, Omni Táxi Aéreo

I am driven by continuous improvement and positive impact, confident that each accomplishment can lead to a greater one. At OHI, I strive to keep transforming our business by accessing new technologies, processes and talents that we can combine to improve our customers’ experience and our performance delivery. I am proudest of our team spirit, the way in which this converts into excellent work, and how we attract and retain talent.    

25 years in corporate finance. OHI since 2006. Persistent.

Janaina Loureiro
Duncan Moore - COO, Omni Helicopters International

I am driven by challenging convention with innovative thinking, to deliver complex aviation missions. At OHI, I strive to create a ‘next generation’ customer experience with ground-breaking digitalized solutions. I am proudest of having led successful aviation operations at many of the world’s most challenging frontiers.

30 Years in Aviation. OHI Since 2020. Believer in Better, Different and New.

Duncan Moore
Joao Welsh -CEO, revo & Advanced Air Mobility

I am passionate about innovation, simplification and problem solving. At OHI, I strive to evolve our fleet strategies aligned with technological advances, by accessing the best aircraft and options to deliver our team’s creative ingenuity. I’m proudest of challenging myself and the team towards the best possible outcomes – always.

8 years in aviation. OHI since 2013.
Problem Solver.

Joao Welsh
Jeff Goyer - Chief Safety Officer, Omni Helicopters International

I am passionate about safety, driving continual improvement, and enabling innovative thinking and problem solving. At OHI, I strive to make those around me successful, colleagues and clients. I am proudest of my global experience and success at integrating these into my life.

27 years in aviation. OHI since 2022. Leading from the middle. Read more.

Joao Welsh
Julie Carnie – Director, O-Lab, Omni Helicopters International

I am driven by people, innovation, and by using cutting edge technology to affect positive change in the aviation industry. At OHI, I strive to develop next generation applications that are customer focused, drive operational efficiency, and support our sustainability goals. Technology should deliver tools that enable our customers to solve the complexities they face every day whilst looking after our planet for tomorrow.

28 years in aviation. OHI since 2023. Always Leaning.

Joao Welsh
Who we are

World-class service, expertly delivered by local experts.

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12 seat, 16 seat or 19 seat, we match the
latest generation helicopter to your mission
OHI Core Values

Dynamic Curiosity in Constant Pursuit of Excellence and Inclusion.

We strive to help our customers achieve outstanding results by creating solutions beyond the norm. We embrace active learning, inclusive teamwork, the use of technology and progressive thinking to generate the highest standards of excellence in advanced air mobility. We are transparent and communicative with our customers, whom we consider our precious journey partners.


We thrive on constant change. We respond quickly because we adapt, employ proactive thinking, and innovate using digital technologies while staying true to safe air mobility operating principles.


We analyze in detail our customers’ work scopes. We tailor solutions to their air mobility needs and align with their critical success factors. We look at every project as a fresh opportunity to learn and apply our knowledge and experience in new ways, to arrive at innovative solutions.


We keep looking for ways to elevate service excellence. We challenge each other and our customers in pursuit of this goal. We constantly strive to innovate, soliciting feedback along the way. We relentlessly measure our execution against our goals. We are committed to redefining Excellence.


We build focused, empowered and sustainable local teams, equipping them to perform the best work of their lifetime. We attract, nurture and retain talent, and build on each other’s experience to drive inclusive, interdependent change.


We operate ethically. We demand and enforce honest, constructive dialogue within and outside of our team. We are direct and transparent, and are recognized as such by our peers.

The OHI Way

Guiding Principles.

We engage openly with our customers to provide advanced air mobility solutions. We combine experience, ingenuity and technology to create innovative operating models. We execute with conviction, expertise and passion. We stay committed no matter what, cultivating local talent and building sustainable communities everywhere we go. We call it “The OHI Way”.

Listen to the Customer. Be Available.

Everyone at OHI listens to our customers. We focus on understanding their issues before applying ourselves to high-quality solution development. We are available anytime to listen and respond to needs quickly.

Think differently. It’s about Attitude.

We think differently about every touch point along the customer’s journey. We are re-imagining our industry by embracing the challenges of today’s operating climate to deliver innovative and insightful solutions that define an Experience Beyond Expectation.

Seek Unique Solutions. Every Customer is Different.

We immerse ourselves into our customers’ culture, operating requirements, and drivers of success. We arrive at customized solutions by seeking efficient, resilient and sustainable responses. We take a mission-specific approach to operational planning, developing risk mitigation strategies that work even in the most challenging conditions.

Commit to Local Content.

True commitment to local content means building sustainable communities in local markets where human capital is developed, best practices are transferred and excellence is pursued to world class standards. We do this everywhere we go and take pride in differentiating ourselves in the process. We truly care.

Embrace Lean. Embrace Digital.

Our Group leadership team is designed small and is focused on empowering our local partner-managers. We lead by example, and maintain a culture of intellectual openness, embracing novelty.  We are pioneering new digital technologies and tools to drive step changes in operational efficiency and sustainability.


Advanced Air Mobility Solutions Spanning Multiple Mission Types.

Helicopter inside
Offshore Crew Change

Safe and dependable air mobility services for demanding energy sector customers using the latest-generation aircraft and technologies. We offer cost-efficient and carbon-sensitive options end to end.

HEMS helicopter

Responding to our customers’ demands for specialist air ambulance services, we offer a holistic, reliable approach via dedicated and non-dedicated solutions ensuring casualty extraction from point of injury to hospital facilities within the critical care window.

Bundled Services

When scheduled air transport is not available or dependable, we create bespoke connectivity for our customers by combining fixed wing and rotorcraft services to unlock transport logistics constraints, even to the most remote locations.

Onshore Missions

Highly trained crew and custom-configured aircraft are combined to safely deliver utility and special purpose missions, protecting assets and speeding up project deployments. We set up forward bases, access remote locations, and enable timely logistics deadlines to be met.

Omni Táxi Aéreo, market leader in Brazil

Our Brazilian operations are a beacon of service excellence and productivity, having quickly risen to clear market leadership. Our Brazilian fleet carries around 15% of the world’s total offshore crew change volume, providing safe and attentive services, operated to global best practice standards.

Brazil in brief

A Top 10 Global economy
GDP approaching $1.9 trillion
World's largest concentration of offshore installations (160+)
Double digit growth projection through 2025
Resilient, Sustainable Markets
Underpinned by pre-salt & fast maturing onshore sector
Large, immature, fragmented, onshore market
200+ helicopters, average age c.20 years, c.80 small operators
Promising Urban Air Mobility Potential
Expecting exponential growth by 2025
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Omni Táxi Aéreo in brief

We safely deliver more than 500,000 offshore passenger journeys every year
We service more than 200 offshore installations in the Brazilian market sector
We transport nearly 15% of all offshore passengers, world-wide

ESG is at the centre of OHI’s Strategy.

By proactively examining alternative fuel types, every detail of our fleet selection, and our mission profiles, OHI’s “Eyes on the Environment” program is our strategy to reduce emissions on our way to carbon neutrality. We’ll also be supporting sustainability projects in the countries where our customers operate, aligning ours with their ESG commitments and formally reporting our progress to deliver carbon neutral operations.
This is our commitment to our customers, our people and our planet.

Start your journey with OHI.

Every journey matters to OHI. Please get in touch to see how we can creatively solve your operational challenges. We look forward to welcoming you on board; a new experience awaits.