OHI operates in a capital intensive business characterised by the pervasive presence of risk. We are strong believers in, and practitioners of, best practice management procedures as a way to minimise such risk. We work hard with our operating affiliates to set and maintain the highest standards of safety and service, because best-in-class service delivery is the only way to sustainably improve an operator’s market position in the highly competitive offshore helicopter services sector.  Testament to such commitment is the fact that the history of the OHI Group is free of any incidents involving fatalities or material injuries. Our central management team is dedicated to assisting local operating affiliates in ensuring that all planning, execution, monitoring and control activities are properly deployed throughout their bases and local headquarters, while employees routinely receive high-standard training.  Because ultimately all flight service experiences are influenced by our and our operating affiliates’ employees, we cultivate core values of accountable team work and meritocracy to further sustain the success of our business.