Our commitment is to deliver the aircraft, financial and management resources required by our partners, their clients, the offshore workers and our operating affiliates’ employees. Delivering on this commitment requires an ability to anticipate our operating affiliates’ needs and to have the necessary resources available to assist in addressing any request arising.  We monitor the evolving safety standards, accreditations and operating best practices of the helicopter services industry globally and ensure our operating affiliates deliver to this standard. The employees of the oil and gas majors utilising the services of our operating affiliates can rest assured that for 365 days a year we are working to inspire their confidence and generate their loyalty through the provision of our services.
Together with our local operating affiliates, we hold the safety and well-being of the offshore workers in the highest priority, and seek to constantly improve such workers’ in-flight and on-ground experience with attentive, reliable and customised service.
Finally, we work hard to make the OHI Group an environment where our own people can develop and prosper as individuals, whilst contributing their professional talent and dedication to the success of the OHI Group.